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Interview : Bhanupriya

Those who saw the films of Sitara, Anveshana, Swarnakamalam, Peoples encounter can never forget this dusky beauty from south. She got success with her first film and never turned back. Recently when I got to know that she is in LA I tried various ways to locate her. And finally I spoke to her. The way she spoke to me is amazing. She is very down to earth and agreed to speak to me with a short notice. I am really surprised with her great down to earth attitude. And my respect to her increased more after our interview. Even though I unsettled her with my questions she replied them with much patience. Here are the experts from the interview.

Sri: Can you tell me something about your childhood. As I know you came from Madras. Are you a Telugu girl or a Tamil girl?
Bhanupriya: I am a Telugu girl. Born in Rajamundry and at the age of two my mother moved to Madras. So I was brought up in Madras. Learned dance at Sundaram master.

Sri: So who your came into films with a no connections to the film land.
Bhanupriya: When I was in school Bhagyaraja garu once came to the school to select a girl for his movie. He wants someone good at dance and to do a role of teenage girl. I was selected and then after a photo shoot he said I was too young for the role and may be one year he has to wait for me for that film. I was devastated. I already said to all my friends I am acting in films. So I never went back the school again. Seeing that photo Bharatiraja garu gave me chance in man Pasiyadu a Tamil film. The film�s meaning is talk slowly. When I was doing that film I got chance in vamsy gari film �sitara� and also chadarangam with naresh. But it is sitara which released first and it went on to became a big hit and got me a many awards including best regional film in national level. After that film I acted with almost all hero�s except with NTR.

Sri: Is that is your real name or you changed for the screen?
Bhanupriya: My actual name was Bhanu. As it is simple they changed to Bhanupriya according the star and other things.

Sri: So how is your working with the Vamsi garu. We are maintaining a site called So if you can tell about your experience with his films it would be good.
Bhanupriya: He is a perfectionist. I did four films with him and all are very good films. When I initially joined films I am not aware of the angles nor the movements or anything on the expression side. I know only the dance expressions. He taught me that dance expressions are different from acting expressions. And he was very patient with me on that.

Sri: Then how about your Tamil films? I think you also did some Tamil films like gokulathali sita etc.
Bhanupriya: yes I did many films in Tamil also. I think I almost did 40 Tamil films. I did with almost all top heroes there.

Sri: When you are going well in Telugu and Tamil why you did not want to go to Hindi?
Bhanupriya: How do we know if we won�t try. See every one wants to make it big. It is a national level recognition if we act in North. I tried and did some good movies like bhabhi etc. but the timing might have not worked for me there. I did with good actors at that time. But it didn�t worked due to various reasons.

Sri: I think you earlier used dubbing for some of the films later you started doing your own dubbing.
Bhanupriya: Initially laxmi garu, saritha garu dubbed me for couple of films. But with anveshana I started dubbing my own voice for my films.

Sri: But I think your voice was dubbed for the film peoples encounter.
Bhanupriya: That time I had problems with dates, as I was doing films in Hindi and the film release date was announced so the producers went with sarita gari voice for that film.

Sri: How is your sister Nishanti doing. I think she is married to Shantaram gari grand son.
Bhanupriya: She is fine. Yes she married to him and has two sons. She sometimes comes to madras and visits us often.

Sri: I remember she also changed her name for the screen.
Bhanupriya: Yes her name is shanthi. Then named as nishanti in one film. Later as it doesn't sound good they changed as shanthipriya. While doing a Hindi film she fell in love with him and got married and settled.

Sri: I think saugandh the first film of akshay is also her first film in Hindi.
Bhanupriya: yes. Later she did some more in Hindi. But never really tried in the field. So she married.

Sri: How did your marriage happen? Is it a love marriage? Heard Sri Adarsh parents are against your marriage initially?
Bhanupriya: They are looking for matches to me. So through a common friend we met in Madras. We liked each other. Then there are talks on phones, as he is in USA and I am in Madras. Once I came here and we understood each other then I agreed for marriage. My parents are little against to this as he is in USA. But my in-laws are good and never objected for the marriage.

Sri: So how did your life changed after the marriage?
Bhanupriya: Life definitely changed a lot. But it is inevitable isn�t it. And I am happy with my life. At certain point of life you need to get settled and like to have a life of you own and that is what I got. So I am happy with it.

Sri: No I mean the life here is different from the life in India. As you have to do all your work not depending on others like we do in India.
Bhanupriya: My mother bought up is in a down to earth attitude. We never had any hang-ups. So I am pretty much normal here as well as in India. No there is much of a difference in that. I am doing my duties as wife and daughter-in-law as I am supposed to do in a normal life. I never had that I am star attitude. I am an actor and that is one profession.

Sri: so after getting married and getting settled down why did you want to start you second innings.
Bhanupriya: I never said I will quit acting after the marriage. It is my profession like any other profession. I just took some break after marriage and pregnancy. Now I have a beautiful daughter and after some time I will acting again may not be right now as she needs my care at present. I will never leave it.

Sri: Isn�t it hard that you being there in Madras and he being in USA. How can you manage both?
Bhanupriya: Yes it is sometimes. But we need to adjust. Some times he comes to Madras, depending on his vacation. And some times I come here depending on my shootings and other schedules. But we cannot get all in the life. We need the adjustments.

Sri: You did some awful movies in your second innings. Like Feb 14th necklace road. Why?
Bhanupriya: I did some awe full movies before also. This particular film I did for the Suman garu. He is my first Telugu hero and once he requested me I did a special appearance role for him. Even amitab garu also does the guest roles sometimes. So what is wrong in that.
Yes I agree we did some films of no importance. But I cannot get a swarnakamalam or sitara every day. If I want only those films I might have done may be four or five films in my carrier. I need to survive in the industry. And also meanwhile I need to make some money in that process. So I did many commercial films. You cannot get swarnakamalam all the time.
People still remember me with that film for long time. That is the definitely one of my best films.

Sri: Recently I saw peoples encounter your action in the climax is good.
Bhanupriya: That is directed by Mohan Gandhi garu. That is good film. He is a good director. We did the shooting in front of the assembly at that time. But now a days we are not doing such films, as people are not seeing. Those days are gone. Though Soundarya tried in some films which are not commercial hits. The trend has changed now.

Sri: We saw recently your lahiri lahiri lo. That is a good hit film. As it is announced as all Andhra film (Achatenugu chitram) but Udit and Shankar singing the songs, how is it justified?
Bhanupriya: Ask chowdhury garu that. Not me. You can express your views to him. He is talented and good nature person. You can talk to him. They are the hit singers. So what is the problem.

Sri: Problem is the guys who are singing don�t know the meaning and pronunciations of the language and which makes us wonder what they are up. They are killing the music of the films.
Bhanupriya: If you feel that way you should talk to the directors of the films and music directors who can take extra care so that it will be good for the film. There are a lot of talented young artists coming now a days.

Sri: So what you think of the current trend.
Bhanupriya: There is nothing like a trend. If the film is good and entertaining people will love it. It is a circle. Some times action films click and some time's family films. It all depends on the director who can handle the film with the right ingredients.

Sri: How many dance directors are there in the Swarnakamalam?
Bhanupriya: six dance directors for that film.

Sri: Did you worked with Sharon loven also for the dance sequence.
Bhanupriya: She is a great dancer. We didn�t work much on the dance part. Her dance was shot entirely on her. I don�t have any part of that.

Sri: So how is working with the viswhanath garu?
Bhanupriya: Till today every one talks about that movie. So you can imagine what will be my experience. He is a perfectionist and never gets compromised. He acts and shows what he wants from the artist. Never gets angry with any one. He is having lot of patience. He is so best I cannot tell�.

Sri: I heard that you did some serials in Telugu/tamil in TV.
Bhanupriya: I have not done any Telugu serials. I did only two Tamil serials. And they are being dubbed in Telugu. They are good hits in Tamil. So they dubbed in Telugu.

Sri: I think you worked with Jandhyala garu on your 100th film shh.gupchup. What is your experience with him? (She also worked with him earlier on Mogudu pellalu)
Bhanupriya: Working with Jandhyala garu is wonderful. He never used to make me feel that he is a big director, like he was never strict. And always used to joke around and make us that shooting was a picnic and not some strict rules. It is sad that he died at so young age. His comedy was very healthy and natural. He never used any double meaning dialogues. I felt very bad when I heard about his heart attack. He has two twin daughters. They are very small. I feel very sorry for them.

Sri: what are your future plans?
Bhanupriya: I will definitely will continue with my profession. There is no doubt about that. Right now it is our baby who needs care. So I am looking at her now. Once she is little older and when I think I can manage my profession with her then I will return to my acting profession. Until then she is my priority.

Sri: Won�t it be difficult?
Bhanupriya: If you think something is difficult it will always be difficult. You should have will power to do that then it will be easy. See there are so many working mothers who are doing this. Why it is different to me. It will be the same. And I can do that.


padmavathi said...


We met Bhanu priya garu at Malibu temple on 5/24/2008. My wife could not recognise her until i told her. She went and introduced herself and spoke to Bhanupriya garu and her mother in law for about 10 -15 minutes. She was very simple and down to earth. Too bad i did not have a camera to take some pictures.

Felt happy that most of the questions which i had were asked by you.


sharekhanna said...

Hi, Interview is GOOD. If you have People's Encounter (1991) movie video. could you publish in your blog. thanks in advance, I think so many people are searching for that movie. It could be a favour for all.
Thanks again.

Giridhar Pottepalem said...

Hi Sri,

I am very happy to read this blog post and know more about my all-time favorite actress Bhanupriya through your interview. I was a big fan of her in my college days. I also did many portraits of her. Swarnakamalam is in my DVD collection and I saw that movie numerous times.

I wish her very happy and successful life. May God bless her daughter and I wish she will also be a great dancer like Bhanupriya.

-Giridhar Pottepalem

DK said...


I came to know a lot of facts about my favourite heroine Bhanupriya garu

Thanks a lot



Ramesh DK

Anonymous said...

hello, thanks a lot for this interview.She is my favourite actress and will be forever.One cannot forget her beauty and her dancing.She has enormous acting left in her.I hope she will keep her fans happy through her continuous presence in indian cinema.She deserves a better life.I pray for her good health and happiness.Nowadays not much is published about her.I request you to interview her again as all her fans can understand her present state of mind, and also please convey her that there are millions of her fans praying for her every day. Thank you. - Muralimohan

Anonymous said...

As muralimohan gaaru asked in the above comments - can you publish recent interview of her..

We wish she should stay happy and have good health and appear frequently in movies... Telugu audience never forget her.. superb actress...